Custom made sex toys
for your inner beast

„Hej, bonjour, hallo“ - or simply:
„Hello my friends~!“

Since you have found this place, let me guess: fun seeker with an affection for toys that trigger your adult fantasies – but at the same time – are also quite cute? Then come on in, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Naughty Wolf we offer highly customizable toys with superb haptics! Body-safe materials guarantee worry-free fun. All toys have a softer shell and a harder inner core to ensure a realistic feeling and enjoyment for both beginners and experts!

let's go "hard core" for you pleasure

The Naughty Wolf production process is only compatible with safe silicones, high grade colours and years of research and development. Excellent knowledge of material science goes hand into hand with professional training and constant tests.

The combination of a soft outer shell and a harder inner life makes it so much more comfortable to use than regular toys of other makes.

What customers said

„I had an extensive session with that naughty beast, and it was a blast!! I'm astonished by the quality of everything, I expected it to be good but now that's a whole new level! The silicone texture is fantastic, and the shapes feel awesome and pleasurable in many ways As someone pretty hard to satisfy, I wanna say Naughty Wolf is awesome! I don't believe there's many better fantasy toy maker doing so affordable prices out there tbh, especially for european customers“

- Sinnersnake, Denmark via Telegram

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